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Charter for Compassion

Wisdom Tales from Africa by Magdalene Sacranie (Softcover)

Wisdom Tales from Africa by Magdalene Sacranie (Softcover)

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By Magdalene Sacranie (Editor), Sarah Bramley (Illustrator), Tony Spearing (Illustrator)

Wisdom Tales from Africa is an anthology of stories drawn from several African traditions. Wisdom stories were traditionally told by the elders of the group, and besides being a wonderful source of entertainment, they served to emphasize the consequences of certain behavior.

The wisdom, truths and meaning of these ancient stories will resonate in different ways with people everywhere. They have a universal power to connect us to each other for the greater good which is exactly what The Charter for Compassion is all about. We invite you to celebrate and enjoy Wisdom Tales from Africa as a precious gift to be received and passed on.

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